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About SonicWall

SonicWall has been fighting the cybercriminal industry for over 27 years defending small and medium businesses, enterprises and government agencies worldwide. Backed by research from SonicWall Capture Labs, their award-winning, real-time breach detection and prevention solutions secure more than a million networks,and their emails, applications and data, in over 215 countries and territories. These organizations run more effectively and fear less about security.

Proven Cybersecurity Leadership Protecting Customers & Empowering Partners

SonicWall's executive leadership team (ELT) serves as proactive and progressive stewards of the SonicWall business, technical and product visions. Collectively, the group brings nearly 200 years of technical and business experience across a wide range of disciplines. This acumen ensures SonicWall's strategy always has the best interests of investors, customers and partners top of mind.

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